Commands System

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What are @Commands?

These are commands that are used in-game to perform various types of actions, ranging from teleporting, getting monsters/item information or enabling the use of autoloot. You can type "@commands" in-game and you will receive a list of commands that are available to you. Below you will find a short definition of what these commands do.

List of Commands

Note: The most useful commands have been formatted with a bold font to differentiate them from the rest. These are commands most Dreamers use on a daily basis.

Command Definition
@rates Displays the server's Base, Job and Drop Rates.
@me Displays the text as a normal message with the format "*name <message>*" instead of "name: <message>".
@reject Used to reject a @duel invitation.
@changeleader Changes the leader of your party to another member.You must be the party leader to use this command.
@showexp Toggles the display of experience gain messages when you kill a monster.
@dressroom Allows you to pre-check the Stylist NPC and all his cloth/hair colors
@mobsearch Used to check of a monster is currently alive in the map. Mostly used to check if MvPs are alive.
@mobinfo (@mi) Displays monster information (rates, stats, drops, MVP data).
@id Looks up an item by name (or ID).
@changegm A command used to change the leader of a guild. It can only be used by the current guild leader.
@jailtime Used to check how long you must remain in jail before you are released. Usually applicable to players who break the rules.
@memo Saves a warp point for the "Warp Portal" skill.
@showdelay Shows or hides the red "Cannot use the skills" message.
@invite Invite a player to a duel after using @duel
@request A command used to ask questions to all online staff members and GMs. Use it whenever you need help!
@refresh Synchronizes the player's position on the client with the one stored on the server.
@time Displays the local server time, along with day/night information.
@accept Command used to accept a duel challenge when an invitation is received.
@autoloot Starts or stops autolooting a specified item type. Can also use @aloot
@autotrade Allows you continue vending offline, then logs off. The character will continue vending until you log in to that account again, all items are sold, or the mapserver closes.
@iteminfo (@ii) Displays item information (type, price, weight, drops).
@uptime Show server uptime since last map server restart.
@whereis Displays the maps in which monster normally spawns.
@exp Displays current levels and % progress.
@help Displays the help message for the specified command.
@join Used to join global channels or private channels.
@whodrops Displays a list of mobs which drop the specified item. Only the highest drop rates are shown.
@homstats Displays homunculus stats in different formats.
@noask Toggles automatic rejection of deals and invites.
@leave Used to leave a duel.
@hominfo Shows the stats and other information about your homunculus.
@duel Used to challenge another players to a duel.
@partybuff Displays buffs from party or for party memebers such as / B - Blessing / A - Agility Up / F - Full Chemical Protection / S - Soul Link + - Devotion
@alootid2 list // @alootid2 load <#> // @alootid2 save <#> <item1> ... <item10> // @alootid2 set <#> name <name> // @alootid2 set <#> autoload <1/0> // '#' defines the list id - example: 1 or 2 or 3 etc // @alootid2 save <3> - save successfully.
@alootid2 load 1 Your autolootitem list has been reset.
Autolooting item: 'Green_Herb'/'Green Herb' {511}
Autolooting item: 'Apple'/'Apple' {512}
Autolooting item: 'Banana'/'Banana' {513}
Autolooting item: 'Grape'/'Grape' {514}
Autolooting item: 'Carrot'/'Carrot' {515}

And alot more, join us and use @commands!