MVP Hunting

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General Information

MVP stands for Monster Versus Player, a definition not exclusive to Ragnarok Online. This is a Monster with Boss Protocol and MVP Protocol. MVP's are much stronger than any other normal monsters and appear on an array of maps throughout Ragnarok. MVP's only spawn at certain times, anywhere from once per hour to once every 2 hours since the last MVP of that kind was killed. While MVP's can be defeated by a single person (depending on the Classes of the players), they are most often taken down by a party of 2 or more players. Because of the difficulty with which MVP's are defeated, they give a high amount of experience and MVP rewards given directly to the player's inventory to the player who has the most damage interaction with it. They are also Free for All (i.e. ANYONE can attack them, no matter who found it first or summoned it).

MVP monsters will also summon slaves or mobs to increase the difficulty with which they are defeated. The spawned mobs often consist of 3 to 9 monsters, sometimes all of them the same, sometimes different, depending on the MVP.

MVP Respawn

MVP's follow the original spawntimes.


When killed, MVPs not spawned by a player (trough Bloody Branches etc.) will leave behind a Tomb at the spot in which they were killed. Speaking to the Tomb yields the MVP's time of death, along with the name of the player who received the MVP award for killing it. The Tomb does not give information as to the time or location the MVP will spawn next time. The time given is in Server Time. The Tomb will disappear 9 seconds after the MVP have respawned.
Tomb.pngTomb Info.png

Special MVP Reward

Killing an MVP on his related Map will not only reward you with his Bonus-loot which drops from the MVP itself, it will also give the MVP-Killer a chance of 50% to obtain an IdunRO CreditUntitled-4.png which can be spend in the Cash Shop041951330f782ad8ea0126ed8ff4f173.png or used in various quests!

MVP of the Month

This Feature will be implemented in a later stage of the game!

The MVP of the Month is a player that killed the most MVP's within a month. If a player reached rank 1~3 he will be rewarded with a generous gift on the end of every month via Ingame Mail. After each month the MVP ladder will reset and the Hunting can start from new! The MVP Ladder NPC can be found in  the northern part of prontera.

First Place
75x Untitled-4.pngIdunRO Credit (also known as Cash Points)
5x  616.gifOld Card Album (Gives a random Card when opened)
5.000.000 Zeny
Second Place 
50x Untitled-4.pngIdunRO Credit (also known as Cash Points)
3x  616.gifOld Card Album (Gives a random Card when opened)
4.000.000 Zeny
Third Place
25x Untitled-4.pngIdunRO Credit (also known as Cash Points)
1x  616.gifOld Card Album (Gives a random Card when opened)
3.000.000 Zeny


Clicking on the image of a MVP will redirect you to our website and show you the corresponding MVP, Skills and Drops.

Low Difficulty

Low Difficulty
1115.gif Eddga is located on Payon Field 11
1252.gif Hatii is located on Lutie Field
1251.gif Stormy Knight is located on Toy Factory 2
1583.gif Tao Gunka is located on Beach Dungeon, West Cave

Medium Difficulty

Medium Difficulty
1785.gif Atroce is located on Rachel Field 02/03/04 ,Veins Field 01/02
1389.gif Dracula is located on Geffen Dungeon 2
1768.gif Gloom Under Night is located on Rachel Sanctuary 5
1086.gif Golden Thief Bug is located on Prontera Culvert 4
1688.gif Lady Tanee is located on Ayothaya Dungeon 2
1059.gif Mistress is located on Mt. Mjolnir 4
1150.gif Moonlight Flower is located on Payon Cave 5
1038.gif Osiris is located on Pyramid 4F
1159.gif Phreeoni is located on Morroc Field 15

Mid-High Difficulty

Mid-High Difficulty
1046.gif Doppelganger is located on Geffen Dungeon 3
1658.gif Egnigem Cenia is located on Somatology Laboratory 2
1734.gif Kiel-D-01 is located on Kiel Dungeon 2
1087.gif Orc Hero is located on Geffen Field 12 and Geffen Field 2
1418.gif Evil Snake Lord is located on Kunlun Dungeon 3
1492.gif Samurai Specter is located on Amatsu Dungeon 3

High Difficulty

High Difficulty
1039.gif Baphomet is located on Labyrinth Forest 3
1272.gif Dark Lord is located on Glast Heim Chuchyard
1719.gif Detardeurus is located on Abyss Lake 3
1832.gif Ifrit is located on Thor's Volcano 3
1373.gif Lord of the Dead is located on Niflheim
1190.gif Orc Lord is located on Geffen Field 10
1623.gif RSX 0806 is located on Mine Dungeon 2
1751.gif Valkyrie Randgris is located on Odin Shrine 3
1630.gif White Lady is located on Louyang Dungeon 3
1874.gif Beelzebub is located on Cursed Monastery F3

Unclassified Difficulty

Unclassified Difficulty
1511.gif Amon Ra is located on Morroc Pyramid B2F
1112.gif Drake is located on Sunken Ship 2
1147.gif Maya is located on Ant Hell 2
1157.gif Pharaoh is located on Sphinx 5
1312.gif Turtle General is located on Turtle Island 4
1685.gif Vesper is located on Juperos Core

Somatology Laboratory 3 MVP Monsters

One of the following MVPs (chosen randomly) will spawn between 100 to 130 minutes after the previous MVP is defeated in Somatology Laboratory 3.
Somatology Laboratory 3 MVP Monsters
1647.gif Assassin Cross Eremes 1649.gif High Priest Margaretha 1651.gif High Wizard Kathryne
1646.gif Lord Knight Seyren 1648.gif Master Smith Howard 1650.gif Sniper Cecil

Special Spawn MVP Monsters

Special Spawn MVP Monsters
1779.gif Ktullanux is located on Ice Dungeon 3
1708.gif Memory of Thanatos is spawned by the completion of the Thanatos Tower Quest.