Unlockable Warper

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Unlockable Warper

The Unlockable Warper NPC can be found at the southern part of Prontera! This warper by default allows you to warp to dungeons that have been unlocked before. - This service is account wide, so unlocking the dungeon on Char X, will also unlock it on Char Y.


Warper Assistant

In order to unlock the dungeons you have to find and talk to the warper assistant in one of the levels inside the dungeon. Warping to higher level dungeons will have a zeny cost after unlocking.

The warper assistant looks like a Kafra: Bild 2023-07-01 153432779.png

Unlockable Dungeons
Location Dungeons that get unlocked
Amatsu Dungeon 02 Unlocks ama_dun01
Ayothaya Dungeon 02 Unlocks ayo_dun01
Gefenia Dungeon 03 Unlocks gefenia01
Kiel Dungeons 01 Unlocks kh_dun01
Lighthalzen Dungeon 02 Unlocks lhz_dun02
Thanatos Tower 07 Unlocks tha_t03
Rachel Sanctuary 03 Unlocks ra_san01
Cursed Abbey 02 Unlocks nameless_n