IdunRO has a Vote for Points (frequently abbreviated as Vote for Points) system that gives Vote Points to players who vote for the server. This action can only be done once every 12/24 hours.

You may see a list of Vote for Points rewards in the Headquarters of prontera

Vote for Point NPC

Vote For Points Options

  • Exchange Vote Points (Exchange vote points for valuable items)
  • What are vote Points? (Displays a short and concise explanation found in-game)

How to vote?

First go to the IdunRO website under Then click the navigation option "Vote" in the left-side panel.

IndunRO Website

You'll need to log-in with your in-game account here.


Now you can vote, there are 4 links, 1 vote = 1 vote point.

Vote for Points Panel

After voting, you can login and spend your points at the Headquarter of Prontera!