Cash Shop Items

How to get Cash Points

Our server offers completely free gameplay but you have the option to enhance your appearance by purchasing costumes. Costumes can be purchased from the cash shop or through the DotD costume seller.

If you wish to obtain cash points you can either obtain them from other players, killing mvps or donating on our website. Available payment methods are Paypal and Credit Card.

Which Costumes are being shown here on the wiki?

Only Costumes that are not previewable ingame, those are considerd "HatEffects". All other items can be previewed ingame through either an NPC or trough the "Wear Costume" Button underneath an item.

Costumes List

Cash Shop image Costume name Price Small Description Ingame preview
9b8d55a10215172277541f5737acc207.png Costume Black Fluttering Butterfly 400 A costume equipment, which is made by shiny butterflies.

The delivery of beautiful butterflies will surely lead to a fantastic world.